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Thrive tracker is one of the premium tracking software in the market. Position itself to be the ultimate mobile & web tracker for all direct response campaigns and affiliate marketers. It is intentionally a self-hosted tracking software, but it does offer a managed Service (hosting the software for you). The price for the self-hosted is $99/month. The starting price for the manage service is $299/month. suggests that if you choose the self host option, the daily clicks should be under 200,000.

A self-hosted tracking software will give you full control over your redirect domain, your server performance, and its location, while keeping your data private to only you. However, for high volume advertiser or media buyer, it is advisable to choose the scalable Managed Service (unless you have the necessary environment to support).

Mobile-Enhanced Capabilities

Thrive is able to track traffic from any and all types of mobile devices and desktop web traffic. It is optimized to redirects the link faster on mobile devices. It allows you to create complex redirection rules based on device, location, IP ranges, URL parameters, etc.

Cloaker/Bot Filter

Thrive has built in filters that filter these unwanted clicks out so they do not contaminate real traffic data. Automatically detect all known bot traffic based on user agents, IPs, hosts, and ISPs. However, there is an additional cost of $59/month in order to have this feature.

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